Online shopping – some useful tips



  • Always check for reviews or comments about the seller or simple Google-it
  • Delivery may take time,even if you order from neighbor county 
  • If you try some new web page or seller,order something cheap first and see what will happen
  • Look carefully and closely at clothes pictures
  • I am using PayPal and works great for me
  • Avoid money transfers
  • See if the seller provides more information about himself,like phone and address (not only email)
  • If you buy something expensive,check the import policy of your country (duty).If you want to avoid it,ask the seller to shipped like a gift (works some times)
  • If you are satisfied with the product,leave a comment.That will help the next buyer!
  • Good Luck :) 


 If you have any good or bad experience please share it with us.

 I will be really thankful. 


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